Bugs and suggestions

SUGGESTIONS add ::home command add ::afk command that makes you sit (people like those alot) making a rdt (random drop table) that will drop extra items on a certain % Continue Reading →

Updates 18/10/2017

The topic is titled for tomorrows update here it is: Game modes have been scrapped, we now have these modes. XP Rate has been set to 1 rate, 500xp per Continue Reading →

Bugs and some suggestions

-Barbarian course dosen’t work. -Barbarian course texture looks wierd ( like the path is water ) -Black dragon puzzle from “puzzle master” isn’t completeable. -Wall bugged at Al kharid tanner. Continue Reading →

Closed beta back online

Hey guys, I have put the closed beta back online. Just re-run the loader and everything should work fine. We are currently testing the FPS fix we implemented. People should Continue Reading →

Server Offline

Hi guys, I have recently moved house, so the closed beta will be offline until further notice (most likely by tomorrow). Regards, Lemon Powered by WPeMatico

Upcoming Updates – 06/10/2017

Most players have reported a FPS drop, i am currently working to port the client over to hardware rendering (OpenGL), so people can achieve a better FPS. So far: Drawing Continue Reading →

Updates 25/09/2017

Here are some new updates: We are planning to add the OSRS drops sometime this week, after we get to test the weapons added in this update fully. About 30+ Continue Reading →

Game Modes

There are 4 distinct game modes in Graardor. These modes are different in many ways, ranging from their experience rates, to the time it takes for the Special Attack bar Continue Reading →

Server Information

Sign up to our community for more information here: Forums – Invision Community[ADMIN=Introduction]Graardor is an economy based PRE-EOC private server currently loading Mixed PRE-EOC/OSRS data. Our goal is to constantly Continue Reading →

Updates 21/09/2017

We are in a closed beta stage, and did plan to get these updates released before the public beta (keep an eye out for more new content which is meant Continue Reading →