Client FAQ & Requirements

Hi guys, Here are some Client instructions. There are some requirements before you can run the client which you must have. Here the requirements: REQUIREMENTS: Download JRE 8 – Continue Reading →

Update 17/02/2018 – Graardor HD

HD has been released after a long awaited month, please download the new loader at: Here are some images: Powered by WPeMatico

Upcoming HD Update

Hi Adventurers, It’s been a long time since a update, thats because we have been busy improving FPS/Graphics. We are nearly finished with just Dungeoneering remaining to do. So we Continue Reading →

Weeb thread

If any of you normies/weebs out there like manga/anime, what are your favorites? I’d have to say for my top 10 (no specific order and including those no longer in Continue Reading →

Hey Im charan

Hey guys, Im charan . I have been an admin at the late hydrascape 639, gained a lot of experience with RSPS and forum development over there and decided to Continue Reading →

Updates 23/01/2018 Boss Fixes

Commander Zilyna, Corp, Zammy Boss has been fixed and will not constantly hit through prayer. Powered by WPeMatico

Few More bugs

Lost City quest guide you can chop tree without 36 wc for Dramen branch Skotizo Drops antique lamp but you dont get any xp from that lamp (he was iron Continue Reading →

Updates 20/01/2018 Fight Kiln & Bug Fixes

Fight Kiln NPC has been added outside the pits. Here are the list of bugs which were fixed: In other news: Here is some previews in HD (Not ready yet Continue Reading →

Introduction M0 M0

Hello i go as M0 M0 ingame, i’ve been playing rs for a long time after i got comp on rs3 i went over to playing rsps instead. I’ve been Continue Reading →

Few bugs/stuff that has to get fixxed

Achievments which do not work Easy Achievments Pick a flax Spin a bow string Complete a C1 Dung Grind blue dragon scales (not sure about this one but i didnt Continue Reading →